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Delivery Driver and Production Assistant (trainee roaster)

Reports To

Production Manager

Customary Hours

40 hours per week

Availability Required

Monday to Friday, with occasional weekends included. Must be able to arrange transport for early morning shifts, occasionally starting at 6am.

Position Summary

Are you interested in joining our team @ Silverskin Coffee?

This is a multi-tasking role in the delivery and production department of Silverskin Coffee Roasters. Primary driving duties include; delivering coffee to wholesale customers, organizing an efficient delivery route, troubleshooting any issues with wholesales customers on site. Primary production duties include; making coffee bags, bagging coffee, operating packing machinery, packing wholesale orders, warehouse stock management, weighing up green coffee. This is a great opportunity for someone with an interest is specialty coffee to develop his or her knowledge and skillset.

Required Attributes

Full clean Irish drivers license.
Experience in managing stock and performing regular stocktakes.
Experience as a barista to troubleshoot wholesale customer issues during delivery run. This is desired but not required.
Experienced with coffee machine and grinder operation to trouble shoot wholesale customer issues during delivery run. This is desired but not required.

Personal Attributes

An interest and passion for specialty coffee.
Patience and meticulous attention to detail, with a clear understanding of the importance of speed.
A desire to learn and expand specialty coffee knowledge.
Ability to work efficiently, diligently, and cheerfully as part of a team and also independently
Excellent at multitasking, prioritization, cleaning and organizing

Rate: Negotiable


Okay not a very catchy title, but it’s a serious question. Not something I can take credit for either but something I can vouch for.

Way back in 2002 engineers from Probat had discussed the idea of re-circulating the air back from the roaster and using to pre-heat the green beans in the charging hopper. Just another big business cleverly saving money I thought but it’ll ruin the coffee.

The Therma two had two separate burners (a tangental and axial) and worked on a re-cicrulation model with negative pressure inside the drum (coffee roasted by convection) and a cool floating bed cooler (can you even say that?) Seriously the beans would float and dance in the air while cooling.

This has actually been done by Probat and can be viewed here

Anyway the idea never left me, the heating of the hopper not the dancing beans. When greens are “dropped” into the roasting chamber they cool the drums temp and bottom out until there is a ‘turning point” meaning the burner has been lit and the roaster bottoms out and starts to heart again.

So what would the effect of the heating the coffee be? Quicker roasts less body more development WHAT??

Cut to 2014 and a discussion with Vince Fedele from VST about channeling of all things. Vince asked me do you measure temperature of greens for winter or summer.

On the defensive I assured Vince that my profile changed one year ot the next, one season to the next. “I know what I am doing” I told him.

I hadn’t listen (ask my wife) however Vince suggested.

“Please note:  Many roasters routinely have problems with roast profiles especially at this time of the year – due to the change to colder weather.  The warehouse storing your green coffees are substantially cooler, and normal roasting profiles usually result in more under-development than during warmer months. If you log daily storage and starting temperatures throughout the year, you should be adjusting profiles as the weather and storage temps demand unless you are warming the green to a constant temp before loading into the hopper for drop.”

“Unless you either warm the green to normal room temperatures prior to roasting, (i.e., the same green starting temps as when you developed your roast profiles) or you develop new Winter season roast profiles, (i.e., hotter drop temps to compensate for the colder green) then your results may well lead to under-developed coffees, and one symptom of that is a change to grind settings (usually more coarse) as well as coffee cake flow restriction, and side channeling. This may be more noticeable on an 18g vs 20g or 22g, and should be cause for setting a flag.”

Logging coffees moisture and density sure, colour checking and again measuring coffee moisture and density pre roast sure but temp of green beans?

So I went and bought a Fluke infrared thermometer and began monitoring green coffee temp. Of course the temperature skews one season to the next.

What we found was if the been were cold upon charge the turning point was obviously effected and the problems Vince had expected.
We devised a crude but effective way of “heating” green beans effectively.

First with a mini cycle on the roaster with a pre-heated drum and no burner on but eventually heating in a steel drum with blow heaters.

This has us helped develop and use the same profile with same turning point, roast time, temps etc and an overall uniformity regardless of the season.

In 2018 we are taking this one step further, our operation is expanding and a temp controlled and humidified storage area will hopefully keep green coffee stable all year round!



Pressure profiling. 

A little over a year or so ago I bought a pressure profiling machine for the roastery. Why? I hear you ask well why not. Seriously though with different roast styles a plethora of different beans, tampers grooming tools, distributors and grinder claims (all of which I love and exhausted) it was the natural next step.

The plan was to roast beans three different ways and trial them using the machine profiling them differently while furiously recording them in a notebook like I had something to prove.

This in a roundabout way did happen. I trialled light roasts with different profiles to medium roasts recording effect on TDS % different types of tampers for different types of roasts.

Anyway I got a little bit lazy and just started to drink coffee from the Elcor Vesuvius every morning.  What I’ve discovered is without any real scientific formula to shout about. Pressure profiling works. it does there I said it. Recently I acquired a Marzocco Linea mini for home (I know, I bought it not acquired it) now these machines sit side by side and I have to tell you for a light roasted coffee the results from a ramp up profile are far far superior to the flat profile of the paddle (switch driven) linea. How do I know, well I bloody well drink it every day. Everyday I reach for the naked portafilter from the Elcor and watch 1-3 bar slowly seep out then a step up to gradual 9 and a decline to 8. Tasting the same coffee in any other machine using the same grind, exact tamp (with puqpress) isn’t even close.

So there it is definitive scientific fact once and for all! Forget about the next big thing in coffee because it’s already here. Now I’m off to buy a GS3 🙂


Shipping expenses have been a gripe on the webshop for the last couple of months so apologies for that. We have ammended the shipping:

€2.80 fon orders of €14 and below.

€4.60 on orders of €14 – €19.99

Free Deliveryon orders on €19.99

This is a trial while we work on pricing with a new courier company.





(Picture by Jim Byrne Photography)

The end of an era indeed. Approximately four years and eleven months ago (who’s counting) I rocked down to the kiosk in Ballsbridge Faema legend and Solar roaster in tow there is no way I could’ve foresaw what a journey I’d just embarked on. March 31st 2017 saw us close the door on the kiosk Ballsbridge for one last time. We had quite the send off and some lovely kind words from folk.

The time I had there will stay with me forever, I completely changed as a person in the five years, got married, became a Dad for the first time, then a second time all the while learning along the way.

I know how corny it sounds to say ‘my customers are my friends’ but with just a couple of feet between you and the person waiting to be served you couldn’t help but get to know everyone. I couldn’t have imagined that people would take to the place and myself like they did. I am thinking of writing that book people always prompted me to do about the stories I have heard and things I had seen.  It is by far and away my biggest professional achievement. Along the way the coffee and then the customer service were recipients of awards and that little 37 square foot building allowed me to open my own purpose built roastery.

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Joe Duffy on Liveline, it was a reluctant chat to be honest. A business has closed nobody has died however when I spoke to the show’s researcher he said they had multiple calls from people in the area complaining of the closure while wishing myself and Tiago well. To me thats a job well done and something to be proud of.

What’s next?
Tiago has joined both myself and Andy at the roastery in Glasnevin. So its onwards and upwards from here. Recently we have joined forces with Salthill Social and Tom from Pangea who are doing a sterling job delivering some beautiful coffees to Salthill. I am really hoping the guys open the kiosk on Ladies Beach again after their success last year. If you aren’t familiar with the guys or what they do you can check them out on Facebook here not only to they provide top class products but they also do a lot for the local community in Salthill and host multiple events from early morning swims to yoga and movie nights in a relaxed and chilled out environment. I should also mention Rebecca and Tom from Honest Kitchen also in Salthill these guys offer specialty coffee, healthy gourmet food, local artisan produce as well as quirky homewares & gifts. One word of warning do not check out their Instagram page if you’re hungry!

New Coffee
There are new coffees landing all the time, but just a few to note that I’m really excited about.
EL Salvador collaboration with the Salaverria family

The Salaverria family offer stunning speciality coffees from the Apaneca Ilamatepec region so when they offered an experimental bespoke lot we jumped at the chance.

On offer is your very own tablón (process and varietal) so we have opted for 5 bags Miramar/Red Catuai (washed) and 5 bags El Roble Bourbon (Natural) these coffees are arriving any day now along with new season Aramo Yirgacheffe Natural and Nicaragua Maragogype.


I will post a little more info about the coffees when they arrive.






A little update just just to say our new destoner is set and in place- working away quite nicely. The next piece of the jigsaw is the new packaging machine. New foil is being designed for the machine which is a hot, four-side vertical seal. Samples are looking really nice, I will post updates as they arrive.

The vesuvius pressure profiling machine is the best piece of kit and the most fun I have had with coffee for quite a bit.. I truly believe that pressure profiling is a huge tool and a game changer, even if not yet for mainstream cafes ( but then again isn’t that what speciality is all about). As per La Marzocco’s guidelines lighter roasts seem to suit a soft profile to begin with and ramp up in pressure, medium roasts a steady climb and “flat” 9 bar profile as in a standard coffee machine however the feel is the general rules of espresso, grind, extraction and tds are all thrown out the window. Another reason for PP is the difference in pressure from machine to machine. Have you ever checked the pressure of your espresso machine?  not by looking at the dial 🙂 but actually measuring it via a tool such as an Scace 2 tester. What if your machne runs at 7 bars? Currently I am designing roast profiles to suit 5, 6, 7bar shots.

The main drawback with PP is probably where to stop and what variable is actually changing what, the machine is a joy to use and the ability to control the infusion pressure by creating a curve formed by seven control points. More info can be found here


The Irish Cupping Competition

We are proud sponsors of the 2017 Irish Cupping Competition. The coffees are all roasted and there will be a cupping at the roastery when the comp is over if anyone wants to try them. You can get in contact through the site here, twitter, facebook & all the usual ways. Places will be limited.

Cheers Brian