New season Las Amapolas
Huehuetenango, Guatemala has landed 🍬

Guatemala is a fascinating country with rich indigenous culture and stunning natural habitats.
Set in the northwest, bordering Mexico, Huehuetenango has become one of the most well-known coffee growing areas in the country.
The name “Huehuetenango” stems from the historic Aztec language Nahuatl and translates into “place of the ancestors”.
Elevation in this area reaches from 300 to 3850 meters, creating ideal micro-climate conditions for coffee cultivation.
Due to the high elevation these beans grow slower than usual, but also develop a higher density, i.e. building a very hard core.
This is fostered through intense sun exposure during the day, while cold and moist winds cool down the area at night.
Along with higher density comes a complex abundance of citric and fruitful aromas that allow lots from Huehuetenango rank as some of the very best coffees in the world.

This coffee is sweet and balanced making a lush, sweet espresso with milk chocolate notes and stone fruit.
It’s ideal for milk based drinks, while lighter roasts are perfect for filter.

Any order placed on our website between Thursday 4th – Friday 19th August could contain a golden ticket!
If you’re a lucky recipient you’ll really need to hold onto this ticket as it’s your invitation to a really special event here @Silverskin HQ  🎊 🎉 🎈

After three years without travelling, we finally made it back to World Of Coffee ’22 in Milan and in true 2022 fashion it involved planes, trains and automobiles.

When booking the event I had contemplated not booking a transfer and having a bit of an adventure and a break from the norm. As it turns out I needn’t  have worried, the universe had sorted out that adventure for me anyway.

A rather large storm kicked off in Milan, which meant a delay on the flights and planes being diverted out of Milan to surrounding cities.

Upon arrival we found out there was a taxi strike so the bus was our preferred mode of transport.

Worryingly my phone was on the dreaded 5% battery life and gave up the ghost just as we hit central station. So on a wing and a prayer I quizzed locals on the best way to get to my hotel (which I had half remembered was called Mirage something or other).

Two very kind strangers put me on the very last metro heading out of the city and wished me luck.

On this  journey I bumped into the Australian latte art champion Victor Vu along with his brother and girlfriend. I had spotted their competitor badges, so introduced myself. Victor told me he had just made it to the finals of the competition a couple of hours earlier.

After chatting for a bit Victor asked where I was from, “Dublin Ireland” I say, “oh really I know a guy from there who saved my colleague’s World Barista Championship routine a few years back” that guy was indeed  myself.

(if you’ve never heard the story you can have a listen here)!94f9a

This story has reverberated around the coffee world and myself and Martin got a chance to meet and reminisce at the show. What happened that weekend in Dublin (2016) has created a bond between us that can never be broken.

Martin is one of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and get to know.

Have a read here

World Of Coffee Milan did not disappoint at all. Bigger and better competitions, stands, products and of course coffee.

A great chance to meet old friends and share stories, meet new friends and forge new connections.

When we finished up we headed to

But that’s a whole other story.



E80 Supreme Grind by Weight arrives in Dublin this week. Following on form the success of the e65-s GBW the e-80 now boasts the same capabilities.

The original e-80 (without GBW tech) is our favourite grinder to work with. We have used it for so many installations where a high speed accurate solution was required.

These units will be supported by the M5 Puqpress

With 80mm flat burrs and patented grind by weight tech, let’s have a look at the key benefits and feautures for your coffee business.Details
80 mm diameter special steel burrs.
Powerful motor with active temperature control for high-speed performance.
Grind-by-Weight technology featuring a high-precision load cell for real-time dosing control during the grinding process.
Patented Disc Distance Detection (DDD) enabling accurate settings of the degree of fineness.
Time savings and quality assurance through integrated Portafilter Detection.
Adjustable illuminated spout providing a clean and centered coffee outlet.
Pleasantly quiet grinding.
High-resolution 88.3 mm display with a wide viewing angle.
Why not arrange an in-person demo?

Delighted to take delivery of our first Wally milk assistant.

meet wally milk – a simple way to steam perfect milk with no training no waste

First unveiled on the occasion of HOST 2019 and then exhibited at this year’s show in Milan (22-26 October), today we are excited to officially present WALLY MILK !

Wally Milk streamlines and simplifies the milk steaming process, offering the flexibility to manage multiple milk types (non-dairy alternatives, too), temperatures, and foam levels with the press of a button – so that everyone can create perfect steamed milk with minimal training and attention.

For professional baristas, focus shifts to efficiency behind the bar, the pour itself, and the craft that goes into Latte Art, as well as to more interaction with customers.

Amongst the many innovative features, the users can enjoy multi-level consistency (Wally is equipped with sensors monitoring milk temperature and milk level which provide perfect results time after time), a preventive alert system, La Marzocco proprietary software, and steam wand, 24v electronics, an exclusive vortex steam tip, automatic jug recognition, up-to-20 different recipes (combinations of milk types, temperatures, and frothing levels) and easy- access to the working parts of the machine thus providing easy access for technicians and minimizing downtimes.

Last but not least, Wally Milk is compatible with all La Marzocco and Modbar models – as well as most espresso machines – and comes with fun swag and accessory kit, including 3 pitchers.


You asked and we listened! We now have 100g bags available for our experimental/top lots.

This option will allow you to sample, mix and match from our unique range.

On selected coffees you can select “100g” from our drop down menu and enjoy,


The first offering we have is Gatomboya AA+ Kenya.


This coffee is perfect for filter and is proving hugely popular.


You can order on site now.

285 bags of Finca Palmichal have arrived. Amazing effort from the team with our first direct from farm delivery.

This is not our first year buying from Palmichal though as it’s a staple coffee on our seasonal menu.

Palmichal is so versatile, its beautiful tropical notes and citric acidity lend it to filter roasts. When developed further for espresso the sweetness shines through.

We developed it a little further still for a specialty filter coffee bag from Meg & Jake.


We have continuously supported Atilano Giraldo owner of Finca Palmichal.
We are proud to support the Colombian coffee industry & indeed the Colombian people after what’s been a truly horrendous year for them.
The finca curls along lush hills next to yucca and green plantain trees. Having worked alongside his father for years, Atilano is now the third generation to cultivate coffee in this area. Over the years he has perfected the processes and his knowledge about coffee to create an Arabica full of abundant aromas. Luckily, two rain seasons enable Atilano to harvest his coffee twice a year, which means a steady supply of this splendid yet rare coffee for you.


Cup Profile: Very sweet, very complex, velvet body, citric acidity, passion fruit, and grapefruit