PRF Sourcing Trip Guatemala 2024

PRF Guatemala

PRF Guatemala. What an amazing trip. I arrived two days behind the rest of the group as we had our big launch at Dublin Coffee Festival. Our True Cold Brew range was unleashed onto the world, it was a resounding success thanks to the team here. Nothing like finishing one trade show and flying to another. But before that,I got the chance to visit Unitrade and meet the people who produce our coffee. This was a unique opportunity to see the impact and the people’s story behind its production.

Finca Catalán De Les Mercedes, Jilotepeque Chimaltenango

Day 1. I visited the Unitrade HQ and visited the farm.

Here Nico and team offer a broad variety of specialty coffee including Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Geisha, Pacamara, Marogogype and more from the highlands of Guatemala at an altitude of 6,000 – 6,800 ft.

They produce SHB Fancy (Strictly Hard Bean) and Micro lots. Our processes include: Washed, Honey and Natural. Coffee is patio and raised bed dried.

We travelled all the way to the top of the plantation with plenty of stops along the way to pick and taste different varietals. This place is so clean and the views are breathtaking. There is a nursery on site for worker’s families and the kids are cared for and educated on site.

Day 2. Beneficial el Boqueron Guatemala 🇬🇹 (Rainforest Alliance Certified)

Located in the southern mountainous region of Guatemala the Santa Rosa region is home to 250 smallholder farmers.
Probably the greatest day of learning on our whole trip.
2 wet mills, 22 dryers AND a maximum security prison next door (I am not joking) 🙃

The traditional wet mill still utilising lots of water (which is re-purposed over and over) and is very labour intensive work. This process involves washing several stages and using water to transport beans.

In contrast to this a huge investment into a new mill which expedites the process and negates fermentation, water usage and labour costs.
Neither one is superior to the other but shows how processing/farms need to adapt all the time.
We are very proud to buy from this particular mill and these awesome people.