World of Coffee 24′


It’s exactly 16 years since I was in Copenhagen and stood in the very same spot saw Stephen Morrissey become World Barista Champion. I got a chance to meet Stephen at the show along with all of our other Irish colleagues.

The WOC show is an array of roasters, machine manufactures, cafes & competitions.

First up to meet was our partners in Guatemala. Unitrade and Finca Catalan de Las Mercedes Cristian and Nikko.

We have a container coming direct from the guys whom I had the pleasure of visiting in March.

The main purpose of the show was to meet the guys along with Valentin from Gasharu Coffee.

Both farms are family owned and producing top quality specialty coffee. Environmental practices and workers wellbeing are of course to the fore in both locations.

We are so excited to share their respective coffees and help communities in both regions.

We took time to taste the Maragogype which was on the Guatemalan Coffees stand and produced by Nikko (I loved this coffee when cupping on farm). It did not disappoint at the show.

I managed to catch up with Henry from Producers Roasters Forum who had organised the trip to origins and the show in Guatemala.

There was time to taste the wonderful coffee from SI Cafe which we sponsored to appear at the brewer * right next to the Roasting Championships.

Also to stop by and check out our submission to the packaging awards we weren’t quite on the podium this time but will return. Massive congratulations to Herz & Son who won in our category.

Day 1 finished off at the 100 years of Mahlkonig party and a great time was had by everyone, although it may not be ideal preparation for an early morning run.

I was lucky enough to be at EXPO in Chicago where the inaugural WOC runners took place.

This amazing initiative is a welcome break from the norm at coffee events whereby people from all over the world ran solitary if they wanted.

Andrew, Anna & Leanne have created a beautiful event aimed at raising awareness for a very notable and worthy charity Girlsgottarun.

Although this event in Copenhagen was a little more competitive than the Chicago run, with some people asking me if I had registered for the race 😁.

It was an absolute blast and something I’ll continue to do at all events. It’s a chance not only to be smug all day 😂 but to see different areas of each city.

After Day 2 of the WOC it was time to head to Out of The Box hosted by La Marzocco.

An immersive educational day that’s only rivalled by the absolute monstrous party afterwards.

Giveaways or I should say throwaways so LM staff hurling merch from the top windows while unsuspecting punters began rugby style tackles for t-shirts, tote bags and those really cool workwear jackets.

Time for bed after all of that jostling and dancing.

Looking forward to the next one!