El Salvador – San Cayetano: Washed, SL28


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Our winning auction lot from the inaugural Si Cafe auction. This lot called “Nairobi Tea” is an SL-28 washed varietal.


Cup score 88.35  Taste Notes: Mango, Red Apple, Floral, Black Tea, Orange, Grapefruit

History (from Rafa owner)

San Cayetano was acquired by Rafael Sr. in 1986 from a local family that had completely abandoned the land. It was in bad shape. Rafael began re planting the farm completely over the years as some of the trees had died out due to the lack of attention and fertilizer.

The farm has a 50% shade covering which helps protect the trees from the sun and helps the cherries mature slowly, allowing the intrinsic properties to develop nicely. The property has a house for a foreman and a small house where Rafael Sr. wishes to some day retire.

Most of the land is flat and has been renewed with Red Caturra, SL-34, Ethiosar, and Orange Bourbon. We are very happy with the results of the Red Caturra both agronomically and in the cup and plan on expanding this variety a little more. Our Red Bourbon trees will soon need re planting, so we will be starting this project in 2021.

The farm is located just 500 meters away from La Fany Estate. This farm, although small has a very good productivity and quality.


Wet Mill

In 2010, Rafael Sr. built our mill to guarantee quality, traceability, and consistency of our coffees. The Penagos depulpers we chose for our Wet Mill use eco-friendly technology and enable us to process our coffees in various ways by controlling the water system.

Drying Patios

At our facility, we have designated two distinct drying patio areas. The second area, which is our main drying patio area, is utilized to pre-dry coffee beans for a duration of 2 to 5 days.

After this stage, the coffee beans are transferred to another drying stage, depending on their quality.

Drying Beds

We have three raised beds areas where all gourmet quality coffees finish off their drying process. Each one of these areas was strategically created with a unique processing purpose in mind.


Taste Notes

Mango, Red Apple, Floral, Black Tea, Orange, Grapefruit



Additional information

Grind Type

Wholebean, Plunger (coarse), Filter (medium), Espresso Fine

Roast Style

Filter (light), Espresso (more DTR%)

Product Properties


Apaneca-Illamatepec Mountain Range


1400 - 1450 masl