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Okay not a very catchy title, but it’s a serious question. Not something I can take credit for either but something I can vouch for. Way back in 2002 engineers from Probat had discussed the idea of re-circulating the air back from the roaster and using to pre-heat the green beans in the charging hopper. […]

Pressure profiling. 

A little over a year or so ago I bought a pressure profiling machine for the roastery. Why? I hear you ask well why not. Seriously though with different roast styles a plethora of different beans, tampers grooming tools, distributors and grinder claims (all of which I love and exhausted) it was the natural next step. The […]


Shipping expenses have been a gripe on the webshop for the last couple of months so apologies for that. We have ammended the shipping: €2.80 fon orders of €14 and below. €4.60 on orders of €14 – €19.99 Free Deliveryon orders on €19.99 This is a trial while we work on pricing with a new courier company. […]


(Picture by Jim Byrne Photography) The end of an era indeed. Approximately four years and eleven months ago (who’s counting) I rocked down to the kiosk in Ballsbridge Faema legend and Solar roaster in tow there is no way I could’ve foresaw what a journey I’d just embarked on. March 31st 2017 saw us close […]


Update…. A little update just just to say our new destoner is set and in place- working away quite nicely. The next piece of the jigsaw is the new packaging machine. New foil is being designed for the machine which is a hot, four-side vertical seal. Samples are looking really nice, I will post updates as […]


*Update A little update before year end on coffee, equipment and generally what’s been going on with Silverskin Coffee and myself. HAMPERS  “The” Christmas hamper is back. The perfect gift for the loved ones in your life or for yourself 🙂 This years’ hamper is brimming with beautiful coffee and can be purchased here.https://www.silverskincoffee.ie/products/kits/silverskin-christmas-coffee-hamper   […]


I am absolutely chuffed to offer two new coffees from Antigua in Guatemala sourced through Gelpo. Finca La joya Washed and Natural. These unique micro lot coffees are the result of new proceessing experiments on the farm. These coffees were an absolute joy to roast. The natural charged at a lower temp with a “softer” […]


What a week!! The World of Coffee has just wrapped up with Berg Wu of Taiwan winning, huge congrats to him and all the competitors. Also a special mention for Natalia Piotrowska representing Ireland who I’m sure will be back. I am still mystified as to how these guys do it. This week I had […]