Pressure profiling. 

A little over a year or so ago I bought a pressure profiling machine for the roastery. Why? I hear you ask well why not. Seriously though with different roast styles a plethora of different beans, tampers grooming tools, distributors and grinder claims (all of which I love and exhausted) it was the natural next step.

The plan was to roast beans three different ways and trial them using the machine profiling them differently while furiously recording them in a notebook like I had something to prove.

This in a roundabout way did happen. I trialled light roasts with different profiles to medium roasts recording effect on TDS % different types of tampers for different types of roasts.

Anyway I got a little bit lazy and just started to drink coffee from the Elcor Vesuvius every morning.  What I’ve discovered is without any real scientific formula to shout about. Pressure profiling works. it does there I said it. Recently I acquired a Marzocco Linea mini for home (I know, I bought it not acquired it) now these machines sit side by side and I have to tell you for a light roasted coffee the results from a ramp up profile are far far superior to the flat profile of the paddle (switch driven) linea. How do I know, well I bloody well drink it every day. Everyday I reach for the naked portafilter from the Elcor and watch 1-3 bar slowly seep out then a step up to gradual 9 and a decline to 8. Tasting the same coffee in any other machine using the same grind, exact tamp (with puqpress) isn’t even close.

So there it is definitive scientific fact once and for all! Forget about the next big thing in coffee because it’s already here. Now I’m off to buy a GS3 🙂