A little update just just to say our new destoner is set and in place- working away quite nicely. The next piece of the jigsaw is the new packaging machine. New foil is being designed for the machine which is a hot, four-side vertical seal. Samples are looking really nice, I will post updates as they arrive.

The vesuvius pressure profiling machine is the best piece of kit and the most fun I have had with coffee for quite a bit.. I truly believe that pressure profiling is a huge tool and a game changer, even if not yet for mainstream cafes ( but then again isn’t that what speciality is all about). As per La Marzocco’s guidelines lighter roasts seem to suit a soft profile to begin with and ramp up in pressure, medium roasts a steady climb and “flat” 9 bar profile as in a standard coffee machine however the feel is the general rules of espresso, grind, extraction and tds are all thrown out the window. Another reason for PP is the difference in pressure from machine to machine. Have you ever checked the pressure of your espresso machine?  not by looking at the dial 🙂 but actually measuring it via a tool such as an Scace 2 tester. What if your machne runs at 7 bars? Currently I am designing roast profiles to suit 5, 6, 7bar shots.

The main drawback with PP is probably where to stop and what variable is actually changing what, the machine is a joy to use and the ability to control the infusion pressure by creating a curve formed by seven control points. More info can be found here


The Irish Cupping Competition

We are proud sponsors of the 2017 Irish Cupping Competition. The coffees are all roasted and there will be a cupping at the roastery when the comp is over if anyone wants to try them. You can get in contact through the site here, twitter, facebook & all the usual ways. Places will be limited.

Cheers Brian