Before the year is out I’d like to acknowlegde the award from JCI for customer care in the “Dublin’s Frendliest Business Awards 2015”. To win an award for coffee is one thing but to be recognised for customer care and then receive an award for it was a very very nice experience. Customer service and interaction is always something I have prided myself on and is a really important part of what we do. Following on from this we were shortlisted to the national awards where we got the runner-up prize to 3fe. You can find out more about this organisation and its amazing volunteers here http://www.jciireland.ie

I’d also like to mention a few coffees that are en route for the new year, I’m really excited about the new shipment of Cuban coffees. These coffees were really popular last year and didn’t hang around so I’d expect the same again. New Brazil (yellow diamond) New crop Colombian Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria along with San Marcos Guatemala (both fairtrade organic coffees) will also feature heavily in the new year. Throw into the mix the 4-5 El Salvadors and Costa Ricans and its shaping up to be a good first few months next year. One final thing the ever popular Christmas Hampers will return this week, please order early to avoid disapointment.