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New Retail Packaging {100% recyclable peel-fresh cylinders}

We are very excited to launch our new retail option. Our current logo/brand is getting a bit of a makeover, and we decided we’d like a little bit of a change. So we have done away with our retail bags and given a nod to the environment with a paper cylinder with peel-fresh technology. This […]

Roaster Upgrade

Recently we purchased our new roaster (which you can read about on the site here) https://silverskincoffee.ie/2019/04/10/new-equipment/ In a bold move, we decided that our existing 15kg roaster would be upgraded to match the roasting style of the new machine. This meant taking out the existing drum (thermodynamic) and replacing it with a new one (Vortex). Here […]

New Equipment

Anybody who knows me knows I like coffee kit, gadgets & equipment. The roastery is literally jam-packed full of such kit (the packing line being the coup de grâce) Well if you’ve been following our Instagram you’ll know that I am back scratching that itch. This month we took delivery of a new dispenser for […]