Nicaragua Maracaturra Natural Sajonia


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The new offering comes from the Matagalpa region, otherwise known as “Pearl of the North” or “Land of Eternal Spring.”

Maracaturra beans are a cross between Maragogype and Caturra varieties.

Due to the hybrid presence of the giant Maragogype bean, the larger beans require a “softer” profile to develop the tropical fruit notes and inherent sweetness from the natural ‘skin-ripened’ dry processing.

This coffee is akin to orange wines in processing and rich depth of sweetness. A delicate natural coffee perfect for a morning brew.

Cup score 88.25

This excellent coffee is grown by Familia Corrales situated in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. They implement an excellent agroecology program from soil management systems to forestry management to maintain healthy soil, clean water and excellent crops.

Coffee is cut by hand when cherries have a high degree of maturation between 19 and 23 degrees Brix. The coffee is transported from the field to the wet benefit in small plastic boxes so that the coffee cherry does not break.

Subsequently, the macerated cherries are transferred to the dry benefit of Saxe Estate Coffee in the plastic boxes. In the dry benefit, the coffee is put in African beds directly in the sun for 8 hours to lower the degree of humidity.

Subsequently, the cherries are slowly dried for 28-30 days in African beds under shade in saran tunnels with a shade percentage of 80%.

Producing coffee and other crops organically and with advanced management systems, such as those seen with Los Corrales, ensures a healthy balance in natural ecosystems that are key relationships to long term sustainable coffee production and sustainable farms.

On top of the intricate farming techniques, the farm has a wet mill that is powered by a hydroelectric plant on the reserve to provide natural power. The innovation and commitment to maintaining ecosystems is reflected highly in the delicious cup.

Maracaturra coffee cherries are pulped by machine using hydroelectricity generated by the natural reserve, but without using water and then bagged and stored in parchment for 30 days of rest.

After 30 days the  coffee beans are milled, sample roasted, cupped and scored and then placed back to rest for another 15 days. The first Maracaturra samples are shipped out after 45 days of rest.


Flavor: Pineapple, Green Grape, Passionfruit
Tactile: Vibrant, Smooth, Juicy, Balanced
 Score 94 by Coffee Review

Top 30 Coffees of 2014 - No. 13

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Wholebean, Plunger (coarse), Filter (Medium), Espresso (Fine)

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FIlter (light), Espresso (More DTR%)

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Matagalpa, Nicaragua


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