Wally Milk Assistant from La Marzocco

Delighted to take delivery of our first Wally milk assistant.

meet wally milk – a simple way to steam perfect milk with no training no waste

First unveiled on the occasion of HOST 2019 and then exhibited at this year’s show in Milan (22-26 October), today we are excited to officially present WALLY MILK !

Wally Milk streamlines and simplifies the milk steaming process, offering the flexibility to manage multiple milk types (non-dairy alternatives, too), temperatures, and foam levels with the press of a button – so that everyone can create perfect steamed milk with minimal training and attention.

For professional baristas, focus shifts to efficiency behind the bar, the pour itself, and the craft that goes into Latte Art, as well as to more interaction with customers.

Amongst the many innovative features, the users can enjoy multi-level consistency (Wally is equipped with sensors monitoring milk temperature and milk level which provide perfect results time after time), a preventive alert system, La Marzocco proprietary software, and steam wand, 24v electronics, an exclusive vortex steam tip, automatic jug recognition, up-to-20 different recipes (combinations of milk types, temperatures, and frothing levels) and easy- access to the working parts of the machine thus providing easy access for technicians and minimizing downtimes.

Last but not least, Wally Milk is compatible with all La Marzocco and Modbar models – as well as most espresso machines – and comes with fun swag and accessory kit, including 3 pitchers.