SLVRSKIN Cupping Spoon


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Your very own SLVRSKIN cupping spoon 🥄

Cupping/Coffee tasting is how we determine quality and assess coffees.

This spoon emblazoned with our logo and finished in a eye-catching rose gold  will help you stand out from the crowd.

To set up a cupping we recommend using SCA protocals and using a scoring sheet from Cup Of Excellence or Boot Road Coffee


Determining Measurements
The optimum ratio is 8.25 grams of coffee per 150 ml of water, as this conforms to the mid-point of the optimum balance recipes for the Golden Cup.
Determine the volume of water in the selected cupping glass and adjust weight of coffee to this ratio within +/- .25 grams.
Cupping Preparation
Sample should be ground immediately prior to cupping, no more than 15 minutes before infusion with water. If this is not possible, samples should be covered and infused not more than 30 minutes after grinding.
Samples should be weighed out as WHOLE BEANS to the predetermined ratio (see above for ratio) for the appropriate cup fluid volume.
Grind particle size should be slightly coarser than typically used for paper filter drip brewing, with 70% to 75% of the particles passing through a U.S. Standard size 20 mesh sieve. At least 5 cups from each sample should be prepared to evaluate sample uniformity.
Each cup of sample should be ground by running a cleansing quantity of the sample through the grinder, and then grinding each cup’s batch individually into the cupping glasses, ensuring that the whole and consistent quantity of sample gets deposited into each cup. A lid should be placed on each cup immediately after grinding.
Water used for cupping should be clean and odor free, but not distilled or softened. Ideal Total Dissolve Solids are 125-175 ppm, but should not be less than 100 ppm or more than 250 ppm.
The water should be freshly drawn and brought to approximately 200º F (93ºC) at the time it is poured onto the ground coffee. Temperature needs to be adjusted to elevation
The hot water should be poured directly onto the measured grounds to the rim of the cup, making sure to wet all of the grounds. The grounds to steep undisturbed for a period of 3-5 minutes before evaluation.

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