Aeropress was created by Stanford University engineering instructor Alan Adler. The Aeropress is small, lightweight and great to take with you for on-the-go great coffee. Each press makes 1-3 cups of coffee and the microfilters ensure all the grit is removed for an easy clean up.

The AeroPress coffee maker is a coffee press that brews coffee under ideal conditions: proper temperature, total immersion, and rapid filtering. This results in amazingly delicious coffee with a wide range of beautiful flavors but without bitterness and with very low acidity. Since its introduction the AeroPress has become a much beloved brewer for serious coffee lovers and coffee professionals around the world.

The AeroPress coffee maker is most commonly used in the home kitchen but it is lightweight, compact, and durable, making it ideal for use when camping, backpacking, boating, or just traveling. Use the Aeropress with filter papers (350 pcs included) or with a metal disk filter (sold separately).

All of the AeroPress parts except the silicone seal and the paper filters are currently and have been made of polypropylene since July of 2014. All materials used in the AeroPress are free of BPA and phthalates, are made in the USA, and are FDA and EU approved for use in contact with food.

Barista Latte Art Milk Jug (350ml)

Perfect your latte art and take your skills to the next level with our Professional Milk Pitcher.

The pitchers have a tall and sharply shaped pipe to facilitate the creation of latte art.

Thanks to the high quality pouring pipe, you have precise control over the pouring of milk, making it easier to create shapes with the milk.

The design of the pitcher together with the thick materials make it easier to achieve perfect milk foam.

It’s a great gift and addition to any barista’s kit.

s/s 304,

thickness: 0.7mm

Outer mirror polishing & inner

Sanding polishing

Barista Latte Art Milk Jug (450ml)

Perfect your latte art and take your skills to the next level with our Professional Milk Pitcher.

The pitchers have a tall and sharply shaped pipe to facilitate the creation of latte art.

Thanks to the high quality pouring pipe, you have precise control over the pouring of milk, making it easier to create shapes with the milk.

The design of the pitcher together with the thick materials make it easier to achieve perfect milk foam.

It’s a great gift and addition to any barista’s kit.

s/s 304,

thickness: 0.7mm

Outer mirror polishing & inner

Sanding polishing

Coffee Knock Out Drawer

Fitted with a rubber mount this knock tube sits directly into you cafe/home counter.
Stainless steel material,
bottomless design
Black teflon coating
Silverskin branded

Cold Brew Nitro ⚡️

Our signature Cold Brew True with added Nitro.

After cold brewing it is transferred to our nitrogen tank. This pressurised environment creates a smooth and textured brew with micro-nitrogen bubbles.

While being canned, liquid nitrogen is applied to dispel any oxygen ensuring the creamiest smoothest coffee experience.



Cold Brew True 🧊

“Truly Brewed Cold in the most optimal conditions for maximum flavour”

What does that mean? It means our  Cold Brew True has undergone a cold brewing process.

Using state of the art, cutting edge brewing equipment and techniques.

Our bespoke tanks are fitted with jackets which recirculate chilled water.

We are the first and only Irish company to brew under refrigerated conditions.

Our CB is brewed at 3 degrees celsius. It is NOT brewed at room temperature.

It is NOT brewed at 92 degrees and cooled down, it does NOT have ice added to it.


Our signature CB roast is cold brewed and canned right here in the heart of Dublin.

After careful roasting, the coffee is ground and added to fresh filtered water. The brew is constantly agitated to ensure a homogeneous flavour profile.

Cold brewing extracts different flavours from coffee as opposed to traditional brewing with less acidity and a softer, sweeter mouthfeel.

After 8 hours brew time we transfer the coffee to our canning machine to ensure its freshness.

Cool it down and shake it up!!!


**Price includes Re-Turn Fee

Counter /Grinder Brush

The GrindMinder coffee grinder brush is another Pallo multi-purpose tool. Originally designed for use by baristas and home users, this brush is used to sweep away coffee grounds, crumbs, and debris from countertops and coffee grinders. The low profile design also allows you to easily reach into tight spaces.

It’s useful for dusting too! The GrindMinder is also handy when dusting computer keys, computer screens, desktops, workshop surfaces, window sills, and more.

The no-smear technology and ergonomic handle ensures a hassle-free cleaning experience, while its industrial-grade durability makes the GrindMinder a smart investment.

IMPORTANT: Ensure the coffee grinder is turned OFF before cleaning with a GrindMinder.

Product Dimensions: 11 x 2 x 0.5 inches
Brush away coffee grinds and crumbs
Food grade bristles
2-pack replacement bristles (sold separately)

Digital Coffe Scale

Digital Coffee scale with silicone mat and timer function

LED display and touchpad, size 13*11*2cm

Measurement: 2kg/0.1g, unit:g/ml/oz,

Black ABS plastic housing, built-in lithium battery USB

Quick Charge

20 ms response time provides ultra-fast response time and instant readings.

Accurate and sensitive:
Readability up to 0.1 g.

In a dual display, both time and weight are shown on the scale.

Rechargeable USB power supply:
A greener alternative power source, the lithium ion battery lasts 20-30 hrs.

Essential modes:
Weighing mode
Timer mode
Auto tare mode
Auto start mode
Espresso mode
Beverage mode

Digital Weighing Scales

Our digital scale + timer combines two important tools.  You are able to accurately weigh your ingredients and time your brew.

Main Features:
– Large size backlight LCD display makes the numbers visible and easy to read
– Accurate scale with compact size takes up minimal space ( product size: 5.23 x 7.56 inch; platform size: 5.23 x 5.23 inch )
– Weighs up to 3 kilograms in 0.1 gram increments, to guarantee you an accurate and precise weighing session
– Featuring 5 different weight modes: oz, lb, g, g/ml, ml for easy weight translations
– Tare / zero function allows you to measure messier ingredients in a bowl
– Overload indication; low power indication
– Come with a rubber mat and food-grade tray to prevent damaging or polluting the scale
– Powered by 2 AAA batteries ( not included ), and the auto shut off in 4 minutes to preserve battery lif

Hand Grinder (Pro 420 )

  • 420 quenched high-strength grinding core
  • D50x136mm
  • Compact design, easy to carry
  • Adjustable (can grind for espresso)
  • Aluminium alloy body
  • Beautiful wooden handle
  • Presentation Box
  • Available in silver/black
  • Silverskin Branded

Mahlkonig Home X54

Home Grinder

Finally a home grinder that can do it all.


The X54 enables optimal grinding that meets even the highest demands. As a true allrounder, the grinder is suitable for many preparation methods: for your aromatic espresso in the morning just as for your pour-over or French press in the afternoon.

We are recommending this to wholesale customers/cafe owners who may want to serve filter, decaf or additional experimental espresso.


  • Allround grind size scale with stepless adjustment for precise grind settings to fit many brewing methods, from fine espresso to coarse French press
  • 54 mm special steel burrs for even particles and a top taste experience
  • Easily swappable fronts for on-demand filter or espresso grinding
  • Premium multifunctional LED display with 4 timer presets and manual mode
  • Multifunctional push-& turn button
  • Durable motor with a lifetime of more than 25.000 shots
  • Optimized acoustics for a grinding sound below 70 dB(A)
  • Bean hopper with enhanced durability

Technical Details

Voltage // frequencies // phases // nominal power:

  • 220-240 V // 50/60 Hz // 1~ // 120 W
  • 110-127 V // 60 Hz // 1~ // 120 W
  • 100 V // 50/60 Hz // 1~ // 120 W

Idle speed: 1050 rpm
Burr diameter: 54 mm
Burr material: Special steel
Average grinding capacity*: approx. 1-2.8 g/s
Bean hopper capacity: approx. 500 g
Dimensions (w x h x d): 19 x 42.5 x 28 cm
Dimensions of packing (w x h x d): 52 x 34 x 26 cm
Net weight: 5.1 kg
Gross weight: 8 kg
Certifications: CE, CB, CCC, ETL, KC, NSF, PSE, RCM

Standard colors:

  • Matte black

Special Equipment (included)

  • Stainless steel Mahlkönig cup
  • 2 swappable fronts



Motta Tamping Mat

This large size tamper mat from Motta folds over the table corner, enabling tamping the portafilter on the edge of the table.

The mat is 24 cm wide and 16 cm deep, offering a lot of space. The mat has higher edges, keeping the ground coffee on the mat. The mat is made in Italy out of food grade rubber, and it has a separate slightly deeper place in the corner for the tamper.

Portafilter Silverskin Keyrings

  • Silverskin Branded Portafilter Keyrings
  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9 x 5.2 x 1.3 cm; 25 Grams
  • Coffee Gifts, Personalised Coffee Keychain, Gift , Coffee Key Ring

SLVRSKIN Cupping Spoon

Your very own SLVRSKIN cupping spoon 🥄

Cupping/Coffee tasting is how we determine quality and assess coffees.

This spoon emblazoned with our logo and finished in a eye-catching rose gold  will help you stand out from the crowd.

To set up a cupping we recommend using SCA protocals and using a scoring sheet from Cup Of Excellence or Boot Road Coffee


Determining Measurements
The optimum ratio is 8.25 grams of coffee per 150 ml of water, as this conforms to the mid-point of the optimum balance recipes for the Golden Cup.
Determine the volume of water in the selected cupping glass and adjust weight of coffee to this ratio within +/- .25 grams.
Cupping Preparation
Sample should be ground immediately prior to cupping, no more than 15 minutes before infusion with water. If this is not possible, samples should be covered and infused not more than 30 minutes after grinding.
Samples should be weighed out as WHOLE BEANS to the predetermined ratio (see above for ratio) for the appropriate cup fluid volume.
Grind particle size should be slightly coarser than typically used for paper filter drip brewing, with 70% to 75% of the particles passing through a U.S. Standard size 20 mesh sieve. At least 5 cups from each sample should be prepared to evaluate sample uniformity.
Each cup of sample should be ground by running a cleansing quantity of the sample through the grinder, and then grinding each cup’s batch individually into the cupping glasses, ensuring that the whole and consistent quantity of sample gets deposited into each cup. A lid should be placed on each cup immediately after grinding.
Water used for cupping should be clean and odor free, but not distilled or softened. Ideal Total Dissolve Solids are 125-175 ppm, but should not be less than 100 ppm or more than 250 ppm.
The water should be freshly drawn and brought to approximately 200º F (93ºC) at the time it is poured onto the ground coffee. Temperature needs to be adjusted to elevation
The hot water should be poured directly onto the measured grounds to the rim of the cup, making sure to wet all of the grounds. The grounds to steep undisturbed for a period of 3-5 minutes before evaluation.


Stanley/Stella Organic Woven Vegan Tote Bag

These Tote Bags are made from Organic woven vegan materials just like our hoodies.

They are not cheap but that is the point!

Premium 300gsm 80% reclaimed cotton, 20% recycled polyester and features clean and reinforcing finishes.

Perfect for a gift, for carrying your coffee or shopping.

Tamper/Portafilter holder

A tamper rest for your kitchen/café to easily store your tamper.
The right hand side allows the portafilter to rest between the runner inlay for ramping off you counter. Keeps your portafilter and counter free from damage while allowing you to ramp correctly.

This durable tamping stand is designed for easy tamping of the coffee in your espresso portafilter. The stand is covered with a protective rubber layer, and there is also space for the tamper on the rubber mat.

The size of the rubber mat is about 19.5 cm wide and 15.5 cm deep.