Sulawesi Toraja Mamasa

Sulawesi Toraja Mamasa


Sulawesi Toraja Mamasa

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This is a traditional wet-hulled Sulawesi coffee from small holding producers in the tribal Mamasa sub district, just west of the more celebrated Toraja region. 

A classic wet-hulled profile of the kind traditionally associated with Sumatra and Sulawesi. Here the famous Indonesia earth notes are crisp and almost graham-cracker-like a good choice for those who enjoy exploring some of the engaging variations on the Indonesia earth-toned wet-hulled cup.

Crisp, earthy chocolate dominates aroma and flavour with mango and tobacco, aromas of passion fruit and hints of vanilla and musk.

Well rounded with a gently vibrant acidity and  syrupy mouthfeel.



ProcessWet Milled
VarietalTypica, S-795
SummarySulawesi Toraja Mamasa
Weight: 250 g