Maragogype Cinco de Junio Cooperative

Maragogype Cinco de Junio Cooperative


Maragogype Cinco de Junio Cooperative

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Maragogype is for those who have an interest in the rare or unusual: The huge-beaned variety is extremely rare and famously difficult to roast. 

The Maragogype bean derived it’s name in or around 1870, from “Maragogype County” in the Brazilian state of Bahia where it was first recognized as a hybrid of the arabica plant found in the region. Following tests, producers noted that the plant matured faster than normal arabica plants and could be planted in less favorable areas at lower altitudes. The only problem with the hybrid, was yield, which was lower than a normal plant. 

 Maragogype is generally known for its big, showy beans rather than for its cup character, but this Maragogype defies expectation with a lush and original aromatic profile.

Spectacular and juicy. The aroma starts quietly: orange, flowers, honey, a crisp hint of juniper. Round, sweet, brilliantly lively acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. In the cup lavish honey, orange, lychee, rose-like flowers, and a smoothing hint of chocolate. Rose and lychee in particular carry into a refreshing, resonant finish.

RegionLas Sabanas
SummaryMaragogype Cinco de Junio Cooperative
Weight: 250 g