Finca Sonora by Don Alberto and Diego Guardia

Finca Sonora by Don Alberto and Diego Guardia


Hacienda Sonora Costa Rica

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Hacienda Sonora is located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, at the foot of the world renowned, Poas
Volcano. The farm extends over approximately 100 hectares, composed of 55 hectares of shaded coffee, 35
hectares of wild forest reserve and 10 hectares of sugar cane. The average altitude is 1,250 masl above sea
level. This coffee grows in an environment surrounded by exotic trees and other vegetation, providing a great
condition for quality, as well as improving the chemistry of the already naturally rich volcanic soil. Thanks to the
farm’s diverse ecosystem, many different species of birds and animals seek refuge here. Hacienda Sonora uses
the most advanced farming practices in order to excel in quality and yield.
The energy for the Finca is solely generated by a Pelton (water-) turbine installed in a nearby river and can be
therefore considered as “100% Green Energy”.
During the honey process the cherry skin is removed in a de-pulping machine and afterwards the coffee beans
– still covered by a thin coat of fruit pulp from the inner part of the cherry - are immediately dried in the sun
until they reach a humidity degree around 12%. The mucilage remains attached to the bean leading to a
sweeter and fruiter taste compared to the more traditional wet processed coffees.
Another important advantage is that the farm saves great amounts of water by using the honey and the natural
processes. Using the honey method saves more than 10 liters of water per pound of coffee. The natural
processed coffee doesn’t need any water.

**Villa Sarchi is a mutation of the Bourbon variety that was developed in the West Valley Costa Rican town of Sarchi. It is a natural and spontaneous mutation of Bourbon, similar to that of Caturra in Brazil and Pacas in El Salvador.



Cup Profile

Villa Sarchi Natural: Intense juicy berries, with peach,honey and lots of florals in aroma and cup. Crisp balanced acidity with a cacao nib saturated finish.



RegionCentral Valley Alajuela
ProcessNatural Pulp
VarietalVilla Sarchi
SummaryHacienda Sonora Costa Rica
Weight: 250 g