Finca Piedra Grande (Pacamara)

Finca Piedra Grande (Pacamara)


Finca Piedra Grande Pacamara

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"Pacamara is a hybrid seed varietal of the Pacas and Maragogype seed strains…Bean size of this varietal is very large, like its Maragogype predecessor. Pacamara tends to exhibit better cup quality when produced at higher elevations. The flavor profile can be outstanding demonstrating sweet citric notes, outstanding balance and floral attributes."



Menendez Family El Salvador 

Miguel Menendez Sr is the patriarch of the family and manages the eight farms owned by himself, his children and his siblings in the Apaneca-Ilamatepeq mountain range near Santa Ana. For Miguel Sr coffee is a family tradition as well as his passion. It has been under the guidance of third generation farmer Miguel Sr that they have grown their operation into one of the most respected coffee growing and exporting enterprises in El Salvador, creating the foundation for his children and grandchildren, the fourth and fifth generations to continue his legacy.

Piedra Grande is located in the Apaneca Ilamatepec Range on the cerro Laguna de las Ranas.  The processing mill Piedra Grande is located on this plantation. All the coffee from the Menendez farms is processed at this mill. 

This coffee is  sweet, full-bodied, brimming with notes of flora, nuts, and sweet citrus. Lilac, peanuts, and tangerine. 

In the cup; Striking vegatal notes, like fresh green pepper hijack your senses immediately. There is a peanut/cashew nut flavour with herbal notes of olive, green pepper and green tea. The mouthfeel is creamy and satisfying. Overall a really different cup with huge vegetal and earthy notes.



RegionApaneca El Salvador
ProcessWashed/Sun Dried
SummaryFinca Piedra Grande Pacamara
Weight: 250 g