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Finca El Diviso

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Farmer: Alirio Muñoz

El Diviso

Alirio Muñoz ferments his coffee under water for 36-40 hours, before washing it in clean water. Drying is done on raised beds, with an average drying time of 22-25 days, which is quite long for Colombia. The main harvest period for Alirio is from September to January, and the “mitaka” (fly crop) is in June. He has 25% Caturra trees, and 75% Castillo.

General production in Colombia is based on smallholders related to a cooperative or association. Through buyers like us, the cooperative or associations give the premium we pay directly back to the growers.

Drying in Huila is a big challenge. In general, it is done in parabolic dryers to cover it from the rain, and during drying the producers hand sort the parchment coffee for impurities and defects. By receiving premium payments, the producers can improve their facilities, by building new or reconstruct the dryers to increase ventilation and potentially add shade nets to slower drying, and hence improve the quality and longevity of the coffee.

The farmers frequently deliver small outturns of parchment when they have their small daily or weekly batches ready. This coffee is coming from a single farmer, directly through one of our exporters in Colombia. It’s a new project for us, where we are still setting the form. However, when Alirio Muñoz’ coffee popped up on the cupping table, we just had to jump on it and buy it directly.
We’re looking forward to build this relationship further.

 Cupping score: 89

  Notes of black tea and raspberry in the aroma. Beautiful syrupy body with intense sweetness. 


SummaryFinca El Diviso
Weight: 250 g