Finca Don Nacho El Salvador

Finca Don Nacho El Salvador


Finca Don Nacho

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Finca Don Nacho
Origin:  El Salvador
Region: Cordillera Apaneca Ilamatepec Organisation: Cooperativa Siglo xxi
Farmer: Mario Olivares
Altitude: 1250 msnm
Variety: Bourbon/Sarchimores
Harvest period: 16/17
Classification: Speciality
Processing: Lavado 
Special feature Buena acidez sabor floral
Source / Processing / Story: Escogido en su estado optimo de madurez procesado con agua limpia y secado natural , preparacion especial    


Finca Don Nacho produces strictly high grown coffee (SHG). The farm has a perfect climate and volcanic soil that combined with the meticulous dedication that the owner gives to this estate make Don Nacho a coffee you want to experience.
The farm is owned by Mario Enrique Olivares a third generation of coffee producers and very active member of the coffee industry in El Salvador. He runs the farm using environmental friendly practices and tries to maintain a balance with the surrounding ecosystem, which is crucial to migratory birds and local fauna. Don Nacho coffee is cultivated under a canopy of local trees, and maintaining a coffee and shade tree nursery is an ongoing part of the plantation. The acidity in this coffee expresses itself in a very pleasant and elegant manner, and the coffee is so special because of its complexity in the taste. Finca Don Nacho produces a truly wonderful coffee; evidence of hard work, passion, and respect.
Cup Profile: A subtle acidity gives way to a wonderful aromatic coffee with sugar cane sweetness and stone fruits. Beautifully balanced, provides a lush espresso with a lingering sweet/chocolate finish. 


RegionCordillera Apaneca Ilamatepec
SummaryFinca Don Nacho
Weight: 250 g