El Roble Natural Exclusive LOT

El Roble Natural Exclusive LOT


El Robe eNatural Exclusive LOT

Choose how you want your coffee ground

The Salaverria family offer stunning speciality coffees from the Apaneca Ilamatepec region so when we got the opportunity to partner with them and develop an experimental bespoke lot we jumped at the chance.

On offer is your very own tablón (process and varietal) so we have opted and 5 bags El Roble Bourbon (Natural). These will be packed in our first ever bespoke Silverskin Coffee Grain-Pro sacks.


Cherries are picked and moved to concrete patios or raised African beds
1st & 2nd  days : The cherries are laid down to as a thin layer and turned once or twice a day.
3rd & 4th  days:  Turn 10 to 12 times a day and cover the cherries for half of the day. Increase the thickness of the layer to 5-10 cm until the humidity is close to 30%.
5th to 7th/8th  day: Keep the same level of thickness of the layer and gather the coffee together into hills after 4-5pm and cover it.  100% of Cherries need to be riper when picked for this process.

A forward sample was not an option with this coffee so we dont have cupping notes at this moment (that is a testament of the trust in quality we have with JASAL) Cupping notes will be added over the next couple of days.


RegionApaneca/ Ilametepec Mountain
ProcessNatural Pulp
SummaryEl Robe eNatural Exclusive LOT
Weight: 250 g